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Protecting our natural resources is everyone’s responsibility.  At Schaefer’s we believe in providing good quality drinking water. It’s no secret, the quality of our drinking water can be responsible for changing our lives. Municipalities do the best they can, with the budget they are given to provide bacteriological safe drinking water to area residents. Schaefer’s certified bottling plant takes the water supply another 6 step closer to high purity, clean and refreshing water that is good for life.  We are committed to operating an eco-friendly, manufacturing / bottling plant, which is now located in Southeast Missouri.

RobotStaffed with a team of IBWA (International Bottled Water Association) certified employees. Schaefer Water Centers bottles water under the strictest of guidelines by the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association) as well as stringent regulations placed by our own company policies. Our internal requirements meet and exceed local, state and federal bottled water regulations.  We adhere to strict regulatory compliance by submitting to independent and unannounced plant inspections and audits. Our daily test include overall quality checks, along with the samples which are collected and sent to an outside certified lab. Because of our strong discipline for crisp, clean, purified water we insure the highest quality through our daily, weekly and annual water testing.

We currently bottle three types of water in our plant, one which is a proprietary mineral water, it is supplied to a nationwide distributor.  The other two types are spring and purified water. Schaefer Natural Spring Water- A light blend of minerals contribute to the distinctive taste of our spring water. Our spring water is collected from a protected source in rural Illinois. We improve the quality by using a three stage treatment process. Our pristine spring water is
processed with carbon filtration, submicron filtration, as ozonation for safety assurance.

Schaefer Purified Drinking Water – A high quality drinking water that uses reverse osmosis technology for removing unwanted contaminants from the water. Not only is
purified water good to drink, it is also used to make the best coffee, tea and juices. We improve the quality of common tap water through the follow six stage process.  First the water quality is improved through softening, second a carbon filtration process removes the  chlorine, impurities and chemicals. Third is the reverse osmosis process it filters out the unwanted contaminants that are left in the water.  Fourth additional carbon filtration is used as a polishing filter. The last stages, five and six include sub-micron filtration which filters out any microscopic particle up to one micron in size and last is the ozonation procedure for disinfection and safety.

Bottled Water Pick Up and Delivery

Schaefer Water Center offers water in both 5-gallon and 16 ounce sizes available for pick up at our Cape Girardeau location. 

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Bottled Water Coolers/Dispensers

We offer sales, delivery and installation of bottled water coolers.  Bottle free models are also available.

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Bottled Water Delivery Services

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We offer bottled water delivery services.  To
schedule a delivery, CONTACT US.

Toll Free:  1-800-242-6330