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 Cape Girardeau, Missouri Location

Over the years the company, owners and staff has earned numerous awards and countless honors from the water treatment industry. The highest honors recently bestowed upon Schaefer Water Centers was the American Business Ethics Award.  We have earned the respect and trust of hundreds of major hospitals and dialysis centers with high purity applications.  Not to mention the area schools, restaurants and hotels.  Schaefer Water Centers is small enough to care about each of our customers & large enough to get the job done.  Our Certified Water Specialists are backed by an outstanding staff of Engineers, Designers, & Certified Water Technicians.  You won’t find a more dedicated Industrial / Commercial / Medical Division, ours staff is second to none throughout the entire Midwest.

Schaefer Water Centers takes pride in being one of the areas oldest, and most experienced water treatment companies in the region, improving water since 1952. Experienced and trained technicians are a vital part of our team in our customer service department. You will see why it is important for us to have more WQA (Water Quality Association) certified employees than any other water company in the entire state of Missouri. With our strong dedication to customer service, we will show you that who you buy from can be just as important as what you buy.

As the company grows with satisfied customers, so do the capabilities. As leaders of our industry, we stay abreast of modern technology and operate on the cutting edge in: water softening, iron removal, disinfection, taste and odor removal & pH control. We specialize in making high quality water with reverse osmosis drinking water systems, portable exchange deionization, de-alkalization, ozonation and mechanical filtration. We offer years of knowledge and experience in residential, commercial, industrial and medical water improvements. You can rest assured that our installation and service will be performed by a professional and trained staff.



2021 Themis
Cape Girardeau, Missouri  63701
(573) 334-2672  Toll Free:  1-800-242-6330
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Commercial/Industrial and Medical Division
1555 Commercial
Hurculaneum, MO  63048
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Core Products:

Water Softeners
Water Filters
Drinking Water Systems
Bottled Water Sales and Delivery
Bottle Free Coolers
Water Softener Salt
Disinfection Systems
De-ionization Exchange Tanks

Core Services:

Equipment installation and delivery
Service of all makes and models
Salt delivery
Water delivery
Equipment Rental

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12 months interest free

Service Region:

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Rental Sales and Service Region – Green Area
Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois